Taking bat conservation to new heights

Welcome to CBC, where climbers, bat biologists, and land managers are working cooperatively to understand bat roosting ecology and identify new roosting populations along cliff walls and boulders. If you’ve seen bats, please visit our data form here: CBC bat observation form or email us at climbersforbats@colostate.edu and tell us about it.

“We go climbing for many reasons, one of which is surely to contemplate and admire”
Gaston Rebuffat Starlight and Storm: The Conquest of the Great North Faces of the Alps 1968

As Sierra alpenglow saturated the valley in hues of pink, an aerial show above our heads changed shifts. The swallows that had been swooping and chattering all day flew…Taking their place came bats, which emerged from dark recesses and entered the night air to hunt insects,”
Lynn Hill Climbing Free 2002

This collaboration among rock climbers, bat biologists, and land managers is an effort to learn more about bats. We are interested in understanding bat ecology and how frequently bats use rock crevices as roosts. All of this information can help conserve and manage bat populations. Are you a climber and you want to tell us more about bats you’ve seen while climbing?!

Please email us at climbersforbats@colostate.edu.