How You Can Help

First off you can always support the work that CBC does by helping us fund bat conservation work: Support CBC


Are you a climber and you’d like to help CBC and learn more about bats?

  • If you are climbing and see bats, please let us know where you were, when you were climbing, what climb and route you were on, and where along your climb you saw bats. Please submit a sighting using our online form.
  • If you have friends who climb, please spread the word about the CBC group. We would love to have more climbers looking for bats and sharing their knowledge with us.
  • Are you interested in learning more about bats, please follow us on Facebook (Climbers for Bat Conservation Facebook), Instagram (Climbers for Bat Conservation, Rob Schorr), or visit our website, and stay tuned for our “bat outings” where we bring climbers along when we survey for bats. It’s an opportunity for us to share the wonder of bats and interact with climbers.

Bat biologists and land managers

If you are a bat biologist or land manager and you’d like to work with climbers to understand bat ecology in your region, please contact us at and we’ll share our techniques for collaborating. Climbers for Bat Conservation has prided itself on inviting climbers to roundtable discussions of why bat observations are so important for conservation, especially now as millions of bats are being lost to disease and other threats.

  • If you’d like to host a “bat outing” with other biologists and climbers, shoot us an email ( and we can help you coordinate, and, if need be, help you handle bats and discuss their ecology and natural history with the audience.
  • If you’d like more information developing a local chapter of CBC, please email us or see our Toolbox below.

Engagement Toolbox

  • The engagement process and the power of World Café
    Climbers for Bat Conservation report (Bats and Climbers)
  • Café to Go: A quick reference guide for hosting World Cafe
  • Dr. Shawn Davis ( was the lead on CBC’s World Café process and is available to facilitate and provide feedback for future projects.