World Cafe Conversations with Climbers

Rob Schorr and Shawn Davis have had such success with hosting collaborative meetings with Northern Colorado Climbers Coalition (2014; Fort Collins/Front Range, Colorado) and Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition (2019; Red River Gorge, Kentucky) that they are always scheming to host another event with LCOs across the country. The next venue may be in Pennsylvania with Southwest Pennsylvania Climbers Coalition, South-central Pennsylvania Climbers Coalition, and Eastern Pennsylvania Climbers Coalition

Acquiring feedback from climbers and continuing to engage with climbers at crags

Graduate student Emily Gross has a talent for engaging with climbers. A long-time climber, Emily volunteered with CBC in 2021 to travel the western U.S. to climb (I know, bummer assignment) and share the word about CBC. That was the beginnings of Emily’s more-focused graduate work, which will begin in fall of 2023 in Red River Gorge. Emily will be climbing (again, tough deal for her) and interacting with climbers, looking for bats, and revisiting routes where bats have been documented. Her work will improve how CBC interacts and engages with climbers…and will likely improve what we know about bats from the Red.