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Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion at CBC:
Climbers for Bat Conservation believes in the necessary connections between humans and nature. The citizen science focus of CBC is recognition and celebration of that connection. We recognize that wildlife conservation is linked to issues of social justice and we strive to include a broad community of voices and values to conserve bats and climbing for future generations. In particular, CBC believes inclusion of marginalized and underrepresented identities is essential to building a more-diverse community and creating a greater chance of success in bat and climbing conservation. We are committed to fostering a culturally-responsive, inclusive, and equitable organization.
CBC is committed to the following:
  1. Taking actions and making decisions that improve the diversity, equity, and inclusivity of the bat biology and climbing community, within our organization and in collaborations with the broader climbing and bat biology community
  2. Fostering a culture of learning around diversity, equity, and inclusivity at CBC and the communities and partners with which we interact.
  3. Building our understanding of how we can increase the resources that serve underrepresented communities and representing marginalized voices in climbing and bat conservation